Problems in the development of intelligent Internet connected vehicles

2020-05-18 10:16:49 Auto parts 2

At present, China has a considerable foundation in terms of intelligent Internet connected vehicles and intelligent transportation. On the one hand, in terms of research, under the 863 NSFC programs, we have carried out a lot of work. Our association has also jointly funded and established the NSFC in the rental promotion automobile industry and NSFC, as well as carried out research on technology. Now auto companies are also taking active actions. As we all know, SAIC and Ali, Dongfeng and Chang'an, Huawei and FAW are also carrying out this work. On the other hand, the development of China's communication network, in fact, provides a very good foundation for the development of ICV. So from our point of view, we hope that, for example, in 1918, we can realize the communication between some new cars. In fact, we know that the United States has a very specific plan to achieve communication between new cars and infrastructure by 2020, and to achieve relatively complete and high-level intelligent driving by 2025. In fact, I want to tell you that there are two issues being discussed. I don't agree with them. The first one is to discuss whether it can fully drive itself. The second one is to discuss whether Internet of things enterprises will subvert automobile enterprises. I don't think these two issues need to be discussed now. What we need to face is our joint efforts. To push this forward, I'll make a prediction that low-level auxiliary driving systems, such as intelligent braking systems, and highway lane keeping systems, such as intelligent car following systems, will soon be implemented. For example, the automatic parking system, automatic parking, intelligent search for parking lot, these can benefit everyone very quickly.

We hope to promote this work from three aspects. First, we need to work out the national plan at the national level, rather than the top-level design. Yesterday, I read about the new electric vehicle plan of Germany in my mailbox. I think they have done a very good job. I hope our country will focus on intelligent transportation or Smart cars make a unified national plan. Second, from the industrial level, we are willing to cooperate with various industries in the automobile production industry to achieve a foundation for the national planning. We also hope to cooperate from the enterprise level. On behalf of my association of automobile industry, I would like to make a statement here. From the industrial level, we hope to promote the combination of enterprises and the formulation of national planning. For this matter, the industry association does not do nothing and has no right. Only when this work is carried out in an inclusive manner, can it promote technological progress as soon as possible and benefit everyone as soon as possible. The prime minister has written instructions, and Prime Minister Ma has written instructions to the Ministry of industry and information technology. The Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of transport, together with the Ministry of public security, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Standards Commission and other departments are invited to study carefully to form a working force to accelerate the development of China's new generation of Internet of vehicles. We also put forward suggestions for further development. We believe that it is necessary to be clear, and the technical framework needs to be determined. We should not only focus on one industry, but also comprehensively promote this work from the perspective of the whole country.

We believe that a forward-looking, intelligent Internet connected car should be considered as one of the main ways to build a strong automobile country. As we all know, Chinese cars are mainly imported, and the technology of the imported cars in the past is relatively slow to master, because no matter the engine control, brake control and other aspects, the technology source of the car is invented in foreign countries, and the basic protocols are all others Yes, the basic chips are all owned by others. It's very difficult for us to form our own system now. ICV is a whole vehicle system, which may be an opportunity to form our own core capabilities in China with the help of China's powerful IT industry. At the same time, our automobile industry should be inclusive and promote together with related industries. I hosted a seminar in Shanghai a few days ago. I hope that we can promote all industries with automobile as a core. In our plan, we will integrate communication, communication, it and Internet to form an overall plan. In addition, we also feel that in terms of new technology, we must strengthen international cooperation. Although some people hope that we can overtake in corners in terms of new technology, I feel that the more new technology, the more technical cooperation is needed. On February 16, we decided to promote this cause in several major automobile industries. On April 18, we had a seminar. We hope to set up such a joint organization in June to jointly promote this cause.