Problems in the development of intelligent Internet connected vehicles

2020-05-18 10:14:13 Auto parts 3

From the current, China is in intelligent made cars and intelligent traffic ways is based, on the one hand, in terms of research, in 863 under the natural science foundation of these plans, we carry out a lot of work, the association also promote car industry and the natural science foundation in rent joint venture to create a natural science fund, is the technology to carry out the research. Now the automobile enterprises are also active, you know shangqi and ali, dongfeng and chang 'an and huawei, faw is also carrying out this work. On the other hand, the development of China's communication network has actually provided a very good foundation for the development of intelligent networked vehicles. So from our point of view, we would hope that, say, 1918, we would not be able to communicate between cars and some of the new cars. In fact, we know that the United States already has very specific plans to be able to communicate with new cars and infrastructure by 2020, and to achieve a more complete and advanced level of intelligent driving by 2025. Here, in fact, I want to say with you, now someone talking about the two problems, I don't approve of, the first problem is to discuss, can fully automated driving, the second discussion, iot enterprises will overturn the car, I think the two problems do not need to discuss now, we need to face is the joint efforts of everyone. To push this forward, I made a prediction that a low-grade driver assistance system, such as a smart braking system, and a freeway lane keeping system, you can follow the car intelligently, will soon be available. For example, automatic parking systems, automatic parking and intelligent parking will soon be available to everyone.

We hope from three aspects to promote the work, the first to the national level, we are to develop national planning, not everyone you say you now, I said, this matter needs to the top of the top design, yesterday I was in my mailbox read Germany's new electric car, I think they did very well and I hope to intelligent transportation or smart cars in our country to make a unified national planning. Second, at the industrial level, we in the automobile production industry are willing to cooperate with various industries to realize a plan for the country, and we also hope to cooperate with everyone from the enterprise level. Here I on behalf of my auto industry association, from the industry level, we hope to promote the combination of enterprises, to promote national planning formulation, because this matter, not for industry association, no rights, only the job, in the case of tolerance industry promoting can promote technological progress as soon as possible, as soon as possible, the benefit of everyone. The premier has issued a directive to the ministry of industry and information technology. He asked the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of transportation and communications, the ministry of public security, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of science and technology, the ministry of finance, the China insurance regulatory commission and the China standards commission to earnestly study the proposal and form joint efforts to accelerate the development of China's new-generation Internet of vehicles. We have also put forward our views on the next step of development. We believe that it needs to be clear and the technical framework needs to be determined. We should not only promote this work in one industry, but also from a national perspective.

We think a proactive, intelligent snatched the car, we should regard it as one of the main way of automobile power built, you know China's car is mainly introduced, in the past to import car technical mastery is slow, because the car engine control, brake control and so on aspects, technology source was invented in abroad, basic agreement is the somebody else, basic chip is somebody else's, we bring them here now it is difficult to form their own system. Intelligent network vehicle is a whole car system, may be an opportunity, with the help of China's strong IT industry, to form our own core capabilities in China. At the same time, we have the fusion inclusive mentality of the auto industry, and related industries to advance together, I hosted a industries in Shanghai a few days ago to attend the seminar, I hope we can, the car as a core to promote various industries, and in our plan, all the traffic, communication, IT, Internet go inside, forming an overall plan. In addition, we also think that we must strengthen international cooperation in the new technology. Although some people hope that we can overtake the car on the curve in the new technology, I think that the more new technology, the more technical cooperation is needed. We were in the auto industry on the 16th of February, and we decided to take this forward, and we had a seminar on the 18th of April, and we wanted to get this joint body together in June to take this forward.